I-O Data Packs 500 GB in a Tiny Aluminum Case

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I-O Data

Announced as the smallest and thinnest hard drive in the world (as of August 2012), the I-O Data KAKUUSU 9 (HDPX-Cut Series) supports USB 3.0 and has 500 GB worth of space. The compact body is only about 75 (W) mm x 110 (D) mm x 9 (H) mm and is meant to complement your svelte laptop or ultrabook. The high-definition ultra-thin aluminum panel comes in three colors: silver, black, and gold. Each has a beautifully brushed finish to it.I-O Data KAKUUSU 9 USB 3.0 500GB HD

The I-O Data hard drive is powered by the included Micro USB cable and doesn’t require any external AC adapter. For those laptops that can’t support enough power through the USB ports, there is an AC power adapter that can be purchased separately. USB 3.0 can transfer data up to 5 Gbps.

The I-O Data KAKUUSU 9 is backwards compatible with USB 2.0, which will see data transfers of up to 0.48 Gbps. I-O Data also offers some free software programs to enhance data transfers, backups, and password protection. Visit the I-O Data website for more information.

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