TechnologyTell Ups the Ante with 10 GB Cloud Storage

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We’ve reported in the past about, the little subscription based social media platform that could, and as of Monday the site has added 10 GB of storage on top of Alpha, the ad-free Twitter-like service.  Use of comes at a price of $5 a month, or $36 for a year.

Most enticing to hear, Jon Mitchell of ReadWrite speculates that may in fact start offering the social media portion of the site for free, now that the cloud storage business model can support it.

The prospect of a privacy-respecting social media platform had me think of this article on Gizmodo.  Will there ever be a day when the dominant social media platform isn’t the one that sells off our information to the highest bidder?  A platform where the focus isn’t so much on advertising and deception but on straightforward social interaction?  It’s hard to say if this model will ever take off, but the web 2.0 utopia it aspires to is definitely something worth getting excited about.

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