GadgeTell Review: Walmart Portable Hotspot

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I resisted buying a portable hotspot for a long time. My needs are intermittent, and I didn’t want to be stuck with a monthly plan. Even Tru-Connect’s plan didn’t quite meet my needs. I had been holding out for a “pay for megabytes” plan, and last year, Walmart gave me what I had been looking for. I bought the device the first day I read about it, and it’s been perfect for my needs.

The “plan” is simple. Buy blocks of megabytes and use them as you need them. As long as you use the device at least once a year, you never lose your megs. What’s not to like?

The hotspot works well. The connection isn’t super fast, but it’s fine for light surfing, checking email or downloading e-books. It does come with its own charger, and when they say you need to use it, they mean it. We forgot the dedicated charger on a camping trip, and it wouldn’t charge with a standard micro-USB charging block.

What’s it cost? The hotspot costs $79.88. The best value for bandwidth is 4 GB for $45. They also have monthly plans if you know you’re going to be a heavy user for a particular month.

I’ve found coverage to be excellent. I haven’t found a dead zone yet, even on some of our camping trips where we’ve been way off the beaten path. The signal was marginal at one campsite, but it still worked.

Highly recommended!

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