MightyText Updates its Desktop App with a Three-Pane Interface

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I use MightyText pretty much everyday of my life, so I’m always noticing every change the developers make. When I went to use MightyText earlier today, I noticed the entire desktop app has been redesigned for the better. Instead of only showing recent contacts on the left and the context of messages on the right, MightyText now has another column with a smattering of options.

The columns give you the ability to write new texts, switch to PowerView, favorite texts, view contacts and access to a settings menu. MightyText can also sync the photos from your phone’s list of contacts as well. Fortunately, the synced photos are also of higher quality. I also noticed that clicking on MMS messages brings up the associated photograph in a separate window.

To make things a little easier on the eyes, MightyText updated some of the icons it uses to indicate missed calls and outbound calls. In fact, it seems like everything has gotten a little bit of extra polish.

Outside of occasional problems sending picture messages, MightyText has become my texting method of choice. If you have an Android smartphone and tablet, this app will make your texting life a lot more convenient.

Google Play Link [MightyText] Google Chrome Link [MightyText]

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  • Tore Christiansen

    Great SMS app, BUT, how do you send an SMS from your smartphone which is using the phone as the pairing device for your PC and Tablet? I´m not always carrying my tablet or PC around in my pocket! Also missing attachment possibilities in the tablet version.