The Moves App Will Replace Your Fitness Gadgets For Free

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ProtoGeo Oy recently launched their Moves app, a new way to track your physical activity with your smartphone. Moves tracks users’ physical activity by automatically recognizing daily movement such as running, walking, cycling, and transportation. The app is always on, so there’s no reason to start and stop it. You’re likely to have your smartphone on you anyway, in your pocket or bag, so Moves makes sense for those who want one less gadget to carry.Moves app

The Moves app automatically records all of your activity and recognizes it by type. In a way, it acts like a continual diary of your life. The app creates a daily storyline and maps to show where, when, and how much you’ve done. You can set daily, healthy exercise goals to achieve to help you stay fit.

The location tracking does use battery power but having the Moves app relieves you from having to own and charge up an additional device to achieve the same goal. Unlike the Nike+ Fuelband, Fitbit, Runkeeper, or similar fitness trackers, the Moves app is completely free of charge. Too bad it’s currently only available for iOS.

“Moves is an example of how smartphones are becoming increasingly context-aware. Today, the mobile phone can constantly learn from its owner’s real-time situations and habits. This information can help build better, personalized, end-user apps such as the physical activity recognition in Moves, commented Sampo Karjalainen, Designer CEO of ProtoGeo.

“Physical inactivity and obesity are big problems. They have a major effect on society as a whole and on the health of individuals. As the app is so widely accessible, we are excited by what the technology can offer, and how the information provided by Moves can positively impact the lives of thousands, and hopefully millions, of users globally.'”

Find more about the Moves app on their website.



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