Pillow Talk Keep You Connected to that Special Someone

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Design company Little Riot will soon be launching a Kickstarter for designer Joanna Montgomery’s Pillow Talk, a romantic device designed to connect you with your loved one over long distances.

Each Pillow Talk device will come with a ring sensor which monitors heartbeat and user presence, as well as a flat fabric panel which slips into your pillow.  The device then wirelessly connects to the your sweetheart’s Pillow Talk, making their pillow glow when you’re using it and playing your heartbeat into their ear on the other end.  D’awww…

As of yet no specific date was announced for the Kickstarter launch, but Little Riot’s Facebook page says they’re looking to get the campaign online by Valentine’s day.

If that isn’t saccharine enough for you, and you don’t mind totally creeping out your long distance flame, why not put get one of these inside a horrifying Boyfriend or Girlfriend Body Pillow? Ya weirdo.

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