Apple Makes the 128 GB iPad 4 Official, Available Next Week for $799 and Up

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While we were busy dissecting the latest rumors on Apple’s next-gen iPad and iPad Mini, both supposed to launch next fall, the Cupertino tech giant dropped a major bomb by revealing a new version of its flagship tablet.

Granted, it’s not an entirely new slate and it actually only sports one major difference compared with the fourth-generation 9.7-inch iPad, but that little detail might mean the world for some. The new iPad comes with 128 GB of on-board storage while rocking the same 2,048 x 1,536 pix res Retina Display and dual-core A6X CPU.

As you well know, Apple’s iDevices don’t come with any memory extension features, so having a new iPad with double the storage of the top-tier existing one is definitely good news. Of course, the upgrade won’t come cheap, with the new iPad 4 ready to go on sale next week, on February 5, starting at $799.

That’s the price point of the Wi-Fi only version of the tab, with the 3G-enabled variant set to cost no less than $929. Pricey, we know, but we are talking about the world’s most popular tablet.

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