HTC M7 Debut Set for February 19 in New York City?

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Although we might still have to wait a while until seeing HTC’s M7 available for sale, the Android-based 4.7-incher has been an open book for weeks. We feel like we’ve known this fellow for years in fact, with everything about it uncovered courtesy of reliable leaks.

Well, almost everything, because there has always been doubts on the time and place of the handheld’s unveiling. Obviously, the CES scenario fell through, but we learned last week that an MWC revealing might also be out of the question.

And now we have another reason to believe the Barcelona stage is in fact considered too small for the M7. HTC has reportedly started sending formal invites for a February 19 press event set to take place in New York City.

Of course, what’s going to happen in NY then is subject to speculation, but there’s a 99.99% shot HTC will take the wraps off the M7. The place seems to suggest the device will either be US-exclusive or see daylight first in America, but let’s wait and see, shall we?

10 AM is when the ceremonies are to begin, with the whole thing ending two and a half hours later. That’s a long time for the launch of a single device, so maybe HTC will have some unexpected surprises in store as well.

Via [Phone Arena]

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