Verizon Reportedly Discontinuing Several Smartphones, Including the 32 GB Samsung Galaxy S3

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Death is as imminent in the smartphone market as is in human life, only in many cases it occurs much faster and is less painful for gadgets. (At least we think, based on never hearing a phone saying it hurts.)

Jokes aside, it seems Verizon is preparing for a mass funeral involving no less than seven smartphones and two modems. Out of the bunch, the 32 GB Samsung Galaxy S3 is to be mourned the most, although its 16 GB “brother” is set to go on living a much longer and fuller life.

Besides the GS3, the rest of the phones’ retirements seem like logical moves, as they were all old and weakened by disease (to read: competition.) HTC’s Rezound, released in November 2011, is the only device on the list that’s off limits effective immediately.

Meanwhile, the 32 GB S3, BlackBerry Curve 9370, HTC Trophy, LG Lucid, Motorola Droid and 16 GB Droid Razr should still be up for grabs for a few extra weeks or maybe months. If any of these still interest you therefore, you should act ASAP and get your order in before the final stocks will be exhausted.

Via [Android Police]

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