GadgeTell Review: Pocket Informant for iOS vs. Android

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As I mentioned in my post on time management apps, I’m a fan of Pocket Informant. I use the app on both my iPad and my Nexus 7. Unfortunately, the app was not created equal on both platforms.

My biggest gripe with the Android version is it’s inability to set up my Today screen just the way I like it. As you’ll see, the iOS version organizes tasks in an intelligent manner.

I can see what’s due today and what are my tasks in progress. If I scrolled down, you’d see my Next Actions as well. Compare to the Nexus 7 screen.

Everything is jumbled together. On the iOS version, you can select exactly what you want on the Today screen: Due Today, Next Actions or Tasks in Progress. The Today screen is where I spend most of my time, and I’m frustrated when I can’t see exactly what I want on the Android version.

Another confusing difference is “tags” on iOS vs. “Categories” on Android. They are exactly the same, as far as I can tell. Why name them differently?

Another plus for the iOS version is icons. I don’t use them much myself, but I have a client who is very visual. If she can use icons to distinguish between phone tasks and computer tasks, that’s important for her. Fortunately, she has an iPad.

To be fair, however, the Android version has an awesome feature I’d like to see in iOS. Tap on a Task, and you’re presented with this nice quick edit screen.

This box gives you easy access to lots of common edit features. I like the + and – for editing date due. The similar feature on iOS doesn’t give you many options, and the interface isn’t as clear. Thumbs up to the Android version for this feature!

How about you? Do you use either or both apps? Prefer one to the other? Why?

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