Microsoft Launches Office 365, Subscription Productivity on a Cloud

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With everyone’s head ‘in the cloud’ these days, it is no surprise to see some of our most familiar softwares converting to the new data storage method. Microsoft’s Office Suite is the most recent and one of the most substantial to offer cloud abilities, as of Tuesday with Office 365.

Now introducing their productivity software package as a subscription payment, Microsoft still offers versions for college students, businesses and professionals. Students will cough up a not-awfully-painful $80 per four-year subscription (under two bucks a month,) while businesses will pay $150 per year. Users can install Office 365 on up to five computers and easily sync documents from each through SkyDrive and a Microsoft account.

They are also offering the suite in traditional one-time purchasing options. A Home and Student version will run you $140, flat fee, while a business version is $200 and a non-expiring professional version costs $400.

It’s cloud file storing abilities also lends itself to social applications. With plug-ins and add-ons available for download, you can easily share documents with friends. This makes group projects easier than ever.

The new Office Suite is available on the company’s website, except Microsoft 365 for businesses, which will be made available on February 27th.

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