Google Nexus 4 Back In Stock In US, German and Canadian Play Stores

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Though Google and LG’s Nexus 4 looked like it had the potential to become one of the most successful Android smartphones ever, issues of limited supply have crushed the big guy’s hopes for greatness. Technically released in November 2012, the 4.7-incher has only been up for sale off-contract via Google’s Play Store for a day or two, meaning most folks who craved for it had to give up the fight.

There were also those who went for the uncomfortable on-contract versions of the phone or for the very pricey third-party retailer listings. But as it so often happens in life, patience is rewarded like no other virtue, so if you’ve managed to hold out so far chances are you’ll be finally getting your ‘precious.’

The Nexus 4, both in an 8 and 16 GB flavor, is currently available in Google’s Play Stores in Germany, Canada and the US. We’re of course talking about the unlocked versions of the phone, going for the unbelievable prices of $299/$349 and €299/€349 respectively.

We have some good news for N4 cravers in four other countries as well, as our sources tell us the phone will go live today in Google’s Play Stores in France, UK, Spain and Australia. Here’s hoping stocks will last a little longer this time!

Via [Phone Arena]

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