Say Nothing to Friends With Ping App, Now at Apple’s App Store

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Bringing next level brevity to social networking, Ping App is a new messaging app in which the only permissible form of communication is a wordless, emotionless ping.

The purpose of the app is to offer a way to connect to someone without “overwhelming” them with information.

According to the press release:

“Each user can send up to 9 pings until he or she gets a response. Ping automatically finds the user’s friends by searching for them in their address book. Users can also add friends by searching for a nickname or a ping ID number […] Ping app is an opportunity to say nothing when people actually have nothing to say or don’t want to put it into words yet.”

This is the sort of thing that deconstructs the very notion of social media by turning the focus on its most primitive function.  It is a refreshing perspective for such a platform to take, with a zen-like acceptance of the essential meaninglessness of chatter that we, the hyper-connected legion, cannot help but produce. That said, a large part of me can’t help thinking it’s a completely pointless idea.

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