MobileIron V5 Nominated for Global Mobile Award

Sections: Security, Smartphones

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The people at leading mobile security company MobileIron have something to smile about today:  MobileIron Version 5 Complete Enterprise Persona was nominated for GSMA‘s 2013 Annual Global Mobile Awards in the Best Enterprise Mobile Service category.

MobileIron V5 sought to bridge the gap between security and user-friendliness, so that corporate mobile users wouldn’t need more than one phone to separate business from pleasure.  As per their press release:

Historically, Mobile IT has favored security over user experience. As a result, employees were forced to flip between enterprise and personal screens on their device, or use a third-party email app instead of the native experience they loved. Not only did these approaches compromise productivity, but they also created security risks as employees figured out workarounds.

MobileIron V5 eliminated the need to compromise between security and user experience by introducing three features unique to the market: Docs@Work, AppConnect, and AppTunnel. These features containerize apps, documents, email attachments, and SharePoint to provide data loss prevention (DLP) controls while preserving the native experience.

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