Yandex Gives in to Facebook, Plans to Withdraw Wonder

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Yandex has cried uncle in lieu of Facebook’s API block against their experimental search app, Wonder.

The company has released a statement announcing that they’re putting the app “on hold” for the time being.  They’ve also thrown up a disclaimer on their app store page that they will not be accepting new users and confirmed with TNW that they’ll eventually be withdrawing the app entirely.

When I previously reported on Facebook’s snubbing of this mobile graph search-imitator, I had a pretty strong hunch Yandex would inevitably relent against the overwhelming dominance of the FB empire.  The gutsy move by the Russian search engine to supersede such a giant of social media on its own turf looks like something of a shot-in-the-dark in retrospect.  Still, at least it was entertaining to see a foreign upstart so blatantly thumb its nose at Facebook, however briefly.

via [TNW]

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