Rumor: Samsung Not Looking to Unveil Any New Products at MWC 2013

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Though this year’s CES, one of the world’s most important technology-related trade shows, was crazy crowded and filled with exciting launches, there was a bit of glamour missing from Las Vegas.

We never expected Apple to make an appearance and uncover the new iPhones, but we were certainly hoping to see something from Samsung, HTC and/or LG. The three OEMs were more than shy during CES 2013, but that was all the more reason to look towards February’s MWC with excitement.

Unfortunately, next month’s Barcelona event is beginning to seem less intriguing by the day as well. LG already brought its latest big gun to light, HTC will most likely be trying to steal the spotlight earlier in New York, while Samsung… is going to skip the trade show altogether.

At least that’s what Pocket-Lint’s sources tell us about Sammy, shattering any hopes for a Galaxy S4 MWC unveiling. Furthermore, if the company won’t be holding any special event in Barcelona, we’ll probably not be treated with Galaxy Tab or Note launches either.

But, and here come the good news, that doesn’t mean the GS4, Note 8.0 and Galaxy Tab 3 won’t be seeing daylight by the end of February. In fact, we’re willing to bet it’s going to be the other way around, only with Samsung picking a different time and venue for the event.

Via [Pocket-Lint]

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