RIM Drops Name and New OS

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It has been already quite the morning for Research in Motion Ltd., the company who brings us BlackBerry. They launched their highly-anticipated new BlackBerry 10 operating system, released with 70,000 apps.

But they didn’t stop there with public announcements; at the same NYC event on Wednesday, the company underwent a name change.

Research in Motion or RIM as we know it will from here on be known as ‘BlackBerry.’ It’s Nasdaq ticker will now show “BBRY.”

Maybe we shouldn’t tell them this but in my experience, I’ve heard a majority of people refer to RIM as BlackBerry already — at least the two interchangeably. I understand making the news official but it would be interesting to see Thornsten Heins’ team find out who was already under the impression that the company name was in fact BlackBerry. More than the company would think, I think.

Anyway, the company stock is up almost 37-percent since the start of the year and has more than doubled since 2010. With their new OS out now and a name change, the business has began a full over-haul and very well could regain footing in the smartphone industry.


Source <Wall Street Journal>

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