With the New BlackBerry Z10 Comes New BlackBerry OS: An Overview of Four Most Important Apps

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Is this the year of the BlackBerry? Somewhat ousted from the gadget world in recent times, the ‘other-other’ smartphone company has just demanded the public’s attention in a huge way. We’re talking some monumental changes for the company that made your father’s first business phone.

Rolling out their new all-touch screen Z10 phone (a departure from their distinctive, physical button formatted typing pad) Wednesday morning, is the first of which appears on BlackBerry’s new BB 10 OS. The company’s new flagship phone provides an excellent alternative to the industry’s leading iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy S devices, featuring an incredible 70,000 apps available at launch and a perpetually-practical interface for many new and old BlackBerry users, business or personal minded.

“Re-designed, Re-engineered, Re-invented,” was published on BlackBerry’s blog Wednesday, as part of also announcing their losing the company name Research in Motion (RIM,) opting now to officially being known as just ‘BlackBerry.’

So in one day, we have a new BB flagship phone that’s expected to rock the market, which is running on their brand new OS and a brand name change. When folks, we included, had doubted the company (admit it, you did too) in recent quarters, a change like this seemed out of the question. They’ve re-branded, re-adapted and are re-gaining position.

We can’t  wait to get our hands on a Z10 for further review. But in this meantime, let’s check out some of the company’s most important built-in software apps, as per their online announcements published on it’s release date.

BB 10 Story Maker
Story Maker is BB’s mini-movie app. Basically, use your photos, videos and music to create and edit a little film that you can share with friends via personal message or social media, i.e. your blog or YouTube account. Add titles and choose from built-in filters and effects “to give it that professional polish”-ed look. Become the (small screen) director you’ve always wanted to be.

BB Camera Picture Editor
Picture Editor lets you use your BB Z10 or Q10 as a digital photo lab. Built-in tools allow users to enhance their photos, add filters, crop out things, add effects and other basic editing operations. When you’re done, share it via your social networks.

With the new BB 10 OS, a Time Shift Camera was included, allowing you to take a group photo for example, and then by, in turn, hovering your finger over each face, you can grab the exact facial expression desired by releasing it at the perfect moment. Say goodbye to blinking shots and hello to easy-snaps of children.

BB Remember organizer
BlackBerry’s Remember app is where you keep your files in their new operating system. Also, it acts as a daily-planner, where you can organize tasks to get done, set due dates, record voice notes, add attachments, flag messages and integrate your contacts. This will work hand-in-hand with the BB Evernote app. It programs your files quite nicely, organizing them by color and laying them out in a sleek digital bookshelf. Looks-wise, it’s very inviting to stay organized.

BBM Video Chat Featuring Screenshare
The new video chat on BlackBerry 10 OS, like an apparent theme of the system as a whole, seeks to provide everything you need in one place — limiting need to download additional applications to successfully complete a given task. Building up on the BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) platform, the new messenging service allows both text and video communication in real-time.

Screen Share, a new fundamental feature lets you transfer your BB screen onto your friend’s BB. This allows you to navigate their user interface, view media: pictures, videos, music, browser, files, etc. This allows both you and your friend to view the same thing, simultaneously while staying on the line and maintaining a phone call.

New York Times tech writer David Pogue comments about BlackBerry’s re-introduction to the smartphone world on Wednesday, “Some of BlackBerry 10’s ideas are truly ingenious… BlackBerry is no longer an incompetent mess — and its doom is no longer assured.” Having seen these intuitive applications, previewed on their strikingly lush UI, I’d have to agree.

Readers, what do you think? Please let us know in the comments box below.

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