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How do you rank apps? That’s a good question and one that mobile testing company uTest decided to answer. has the complete story, and it looks like a neat concept. Basically, uTest has created Applause, a site where you can type in the name of an app and get its score. It ranks both Android and iOS apps and even attempts to quantify which version is best, when there’s a version for both platforms.

So does it work, and do the results seem reasonable? I gave it a try on a few of my favorite apps, Evernote, Pocket Informant and Flipboard.

Here were their results (on a scale of 1 to 100)

Evernote for Android: 89
Evernote for iOS: 78
Pocket Informant for Android: no rating
Pocket Informant for iOS: 56
Flipboard for Android: 70
Flipboard for iOS: 86

Well, obviously it’s a problem that there was no rating for one app, but the site only launched today, so I’ll give them a while to work out bugs.

As a user of all the apps, do I agree with their ratings? Yes and no. I much prefer Evernote for iOS, mostly because of its interface. Obviously, other app reviewers could disagree with me.

I’m surprised at Pocket Informant’s relatively low rating. Stability is only 34, which hasn’t been my experience recently. In the past, yes. Now, no. Maybe I’m just lucky.

I completely agree with Flipboard. It’s an excellent app on both platforms, but I prefer it on iOS.

In conclusion, I might quibble with some individual results, but it’s obvious uTest has put a lot of development effort into this, and I think it’s a worthy product. I’ll certainly be using it before purchasing new apps.

Note that it’s a free service right now, but they do mention that they plan to introduce a paid service in the future.

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