Truphone App Extends Affordable Long-Distance Calling to BlackBerry 10 Users

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Announced Wednesday, the same day as BlackBerry’s new generation and flagship phone launch, the Truphone app has been made available for BB 10 OS. Specially designed for the BlackBerry 10 OS, Tru App is the first company to develop VoIP application for smartphones. Their unique SIM-based calling provides users with voice phone service in over 200 countries at a much cheaper rate than those of wireless carriers.

“Voice technologies in mobile continue to mature and companies like Truphone continue to find ways to innovate on the BlackBerry 10 platform. This is the best time for developers to take advantage of the wide array of tools for the BlackBerry platform and to be among the first crop of applications available to BlackBerry 10 customers,” said Alec Saunders, VP of Developer Relations and Ecosystems at Research in Motion (now know as BlackBerry.) “By leveraging the open nature of the BlackBerry 10 platform and the breadth of API support we have, Truphone is now able to offer enterprises and BlackBerry customers VoIP solutions that will enhance communications immensely.”

Truphone has been around since 2006, having released their first BB-dedicated app in 2008. With the BB10 version, Truphone 5.0 adds enhanced audio quality, while still saving users up to 90-percent on international phone calls. Truphone is offered to both personal callers and for business accounts.

Android and iOS users can get it from the company website. With plans on developing the latest version of the Tru App for Windows Phone, Nokia and desktop computers, the BlackBerry 10 edition will be available to users very soon.

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