Evernote’s Penultimate App Lets You Hand Write Notes on Your Smartphone and it’s Free

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In the past, we’ve covered the awesome cross-platform app Evernote; one of the most dominant organizational tools for smartphones seems to become more handy as time goes on. Their Penultimate feature was rolled out last year, adding a note-taking tool that allows users to hand write notes on their smart devices’ screens and file them into ‘books.’ On Thursday morning, the company announced that their application just got better.

For starters, the Penultimate app is now free. So there is no risk to just try it out, although we trust that it’ll quickly become a keeper, especially for those who already use Evernote. It integrates without any stress.

The update made the ‘ink’ write and appear sharper and executed with a smoother, more natural feeling — closer to the real thing. Also, the interface has been updated, spotlighting key functionality and putting less needed options to the background menu. This makes for a more clear and open writing surface.

You can now also use the ‘search’ function for your writings and handwritten notes. Tap on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner (like on the Mac OS,) and if the keyword appears in any of your notes, the software will recall the document and place a rectangle around your search query on the page.

The ‘books’ mentioned serve as a means of mapping out and organizing your individual notes. Everything related to a single topic will be placed in it’s right book. For example, a student may have a ‘science notebook,’ where they take notes in that class or in my case, I use a book of story ideas, where I keep my soon-written article brainstorming notes before my researching begins.

Lastly, Penultimate introduces the option to access your notes from anywhere. If you write them on your iPad, don’t worry if you need to pull them up on your phone or desktop computer. The optional sign-in feature creates a universal platform, ensuring your notes are there when you need them, regardless how they’re accessed.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Penultimate app, you’re probably impressed and already thinking of ways that it can help make your life easier. Like it’s hosting app, Evernote, you can make your smartphone smarter and work better for you. At this price, wouldn’t you feel silly not trying it out?

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