The Tactslider Tornado Replaces Your Virtual Directional Pad

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Love playing games on your tablet or smartphone? Have a few games with characters you wish you could control with physical directional pad instead of a virtual one? If so, then you’ll want to check out the TactSlider Tornado Game Controller.

The TactSlider Tornado is for all tablets and smartphones and doesn’t require any additional software or batteries to work. This innovative tactile game controller is less than an inch in diameter and is about 0.11 inches thick. All you do is attach it to a touchscreen and start enjoying precise navigation control for your games.TactSlider Tornado Game Controller

The TactSlider Tornado attaches to screen protectors and glass surfaces with an attachment force of 4.4 lbs, yet it easily removed without leaving any glue residue or causing scratches to the surface. It uses an adhesion film which is washable, re-usable, and not an actual adhesive.

The housing is transparent so you can see through it with the least amount of disruption. It also comes with a customized holder that keeps it safe and attached to your device when it’s not in use.

Currently, the TactSlider Tornado works with more than 100 games in the App Store for iPhone, however it’s not yet compatible for all games across various devices due to differences in screen resolutions. Although it isn’t stated on the site, it works on all touchscreen devices running iOs, Android, or Windows.

The TactSlider team says they’re working with more game developers to grow their list of compatible games and will be updating that list soon. The TactSlider Tornado retails for $19.90 at

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