Never Forget a Face With Evernote Hello

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So we’ve already established that Evernote could be the greatest pocket-sized tool for your smartphone and if we haven’t influenced you enough to check it out on your iOS or Android device — well, what gives?

In related news, announced Thursday morning alongside their Penultimate update, the personal and business organizer has added some nifty features to their Hello component. This is the part of the app that creates a ‘link’ between people who you meet in real life and their online presence. Like a personal ‘e-secretary,’ Hello makes it easy to build your personal network and most importantly, to remember people.

If I see a face that I’ve met before, its unlikely that I’ll forget it. But names, not so much. With that, I’m already seeing how Hello can supplement my everyday life, as it’s main objective is “to allow individuals to do the smallest amount of work to end up with the most complete record of the people and meetings they’ve had.” This means that I can stop playing name/face memorization games in my head, while instead I can be speaking to and enjoying said person’s company. That’s a relief, especially on account of those memory games hardly ever working.

Hello’s ‘face-centric’ approach offers a few ways to add people to your contact list. Simplest is typing a person’s e-mail address into the app; from there, it scans Facebook and LinkedIn to create a match, then automatically adds them to your contacts. If that works out, the app will select a featured photo, as well as other relevant information to use in their contact profile on your phone.

Hello’s coolest method of adding a new contact is its included business card scanner tool. Available for free (only for the next few months,) users can photograph a business card with their phone’s camera and be amazed as the application deciphers all information on the card and places each piece in it’s right place. The phone number, fax, e-mail address, etc., the app will again scour social media and track down the person automatically. (Sure beats the buck and a quarter you’d spend on the pen-scanner, however sweet of a gadget it is.)

Using Evernote’s calendar, you can add contact information of people who you have meetings planned with. Just click the blue plus button and then on the person’s name. It does the rest for you. Obviously, manually adding contacts is also still an option of course, but that’s the ‘classic’ way of doing things.

Hello Connect

Meeting multiple people at once? No problem. Hello is excited to roll out Connect, a unique way to quickly and easily establish multiple connections at one time. Each person in the group opens up their Evernote app and listens for an audible tone, which rings simultaneously on each person’s device. Instantly a list of everyone present will appear on your phone, along with contact information and social media links. This could be the quickest way to make friends.

Next time you’re meeting people who you want to remember, pull out your smartphone. To exchange numbers, you’d have to anyway — so what’s the extra few seconds to plug them into your Evernote app? Its applications like Hello, that in times when you’d normally be kicking yourself for losing someone’s contact information or forgetting someone’s name, you say to yourself ‘this is why I have a smartphone.’

You’re lucky to have a multi-use tool of convenience in your pants pocket, go use it wisely!

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  • Juli Monroe

    I’m interested it trying the update, because I found the original version so lacking in usability that I never used it. I tried. I wanted to like it, but it was too cumbersome. I’ve got high hopes that the update will turn it into one of my “must-have” networking apps.