Fujifilm Unveils Five New Point and Shoot Cameras, Due Out in March

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We’ve stopped believing in coincidences a long time ago, so after seeing Nikon and Olympus intro an array of new digital cameras one after the other, we were certain other big guys in the industry will also make some moves soon.

And boy, how right we were. Fujifilm has just come out with five new point and shoot cams, set to enrich the F, S and J families.

First off, we have the 16 MP F900EXR and F850EXR travel zooms. The two fellows are slim and stylish, but at the same time powerful and capable of great things. Besides the high-quality sensors, both cams come with 20x optical zoom lenses and 3-inch LCD screens. The F900 is the more feature-packed of the two and will cost $399.95. Meanwhile, the F850 will go for 100 bucks less.

Next up, the S6800 and S4800 bridge cams. These aren’t exactly slim, but are packed with 16 MP sensors and 30x optical zoom. The S6800’s sensor is backside-illuminated CMOS, while the S4800 comes with a CCD one. The price difference, however, is not going to be major, so while the first will cost $249.95, the second will go for $229.95.

The last camera unveiled by Fujifilm today is more for novice photographers and is dubbed JX680. This is as slim and compact as cams get nowadays, but is also packed with a 16 MP CCD sensor and a 5x optical zoom. Priced at $99.95, the little fellow will go on sale in March, just like all the others.

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    Its really amazing deal. Prices are also low according to market. I am just surprised to read that with packing of 16MP CCD sensor it will cost just $99.95..