Panda Security Releases Beta Version of Panda Cloud Office Protection Advanced 6.50, Offers Beta Tester Challenge

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Panda Security recently released a beta version of its Cloud Office Protection Advanced with a slew of new features:

  • URL filtering: Improved proactive detection for even better protection. The solution’s technology and reporting capabilities allow deeper visibility into end-user Internet activity and productivity. In addition, it enables administrators to create URL blacklists and whitelists, and blocks access to URLs belonging to prohibited categories, such as sex, gaming, etc.
  • Anti-exploit technology: Detects and neutralizes malware that exploits 0-day vulnerabilities to infect the PC. This technology leverages Panda’s Collective Technology to block Blackhole and Redkit exploit malware by analyzing its behavior. The solution is capable of detecting new malware variants even before they have been identified.
  • Compatible with Exchange Server 2013: The beta release is compatible with the new messaging platform Exchange Server 2013, as well as with Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit) and Windows 2012 Server.

Coinciding with the beta release, Panda Security is also offering $100 Amazon gift cards for the ten beta testers who submit the best improvement suggestions.  Looks like a good opportunity for all you techies out there to make some easy gift card money.  You can download the beta for free here.

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