Did Motorola Just Confirm the X Phone?

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We’ve got used to receiving intel on unreleased gadgets from the weirdest, most anonymous and hidden sources on the web, but a LinkedIn job posting? Now this is a first.

It seems that Motorola has inadvertently confirmed the existence of the “X Phone,” as well as the device’s name.

A Senior Director Product Management for this X Phone was sought after by Moto on the social networking website earlier today. No, really, we’re not making this up and we’ve also checked – the ad was legit.

What we obviously can’t know is whether or not the job posting went live by mistake or as a prank. That’s possible, especially that in the meantime the ad’s been deleted.

A similar job posting is still available on Motorola’s careers site, but unlike the LinkedIn notice, it doesn’t mention the X Phone by its name. It’s also a bit more ambiguous, although on the whole the job description is the same, as are the basic qualifications needed to apply.

For those of you that are hearing about the X for the first time, that’s allegedly Motorola’s next high-end smartphone, due out in May with a lot of goodies, including the unreleased Android 5.0 on board.

Via [Droid-Life]

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