Fishing Enthusiasts, Find Your Fish With ReelSonar

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ReelSonar, a new project up on Indiegogo, is a new generation social-mobile, Bluetooth enabled, sonar fish-finder system for tablets and smartphones alike. This mobile device allows users to get water conditions, map waterbeds, and of course, find where the fish are at. The ReelSonar app works with both iOs and Android devices.

The specifications show a Bluetooth and depth range of 150 feet. The product itself will be roughly 5 inches in diameter and contain a built-in rechargeable battery. It works by being cast into the water from land, boat, or even when you’re trolling.ReelSonar

The ReelSonar app adds many useful features. You can set GPS location tags on things such as structures, ramps, fish, or anything you want. You can also have the app send you alerts when fish are near or on the end of your line. Kayakers will love the ability to map out waterbed and riverbed topographies.

There are additional features which round out the product: weather forecasting, bait and lure suggestions based on location and stats, and the bobber lights up. You can also connect with the fishing community for discussions and tips.

ReelSonar is still in the funding stage. You can check out their page on Indiegogo for more information or to contribute to the project!

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