Mark Zuckerberg Once Again Debunks “Facebook Phone” Rumors

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Despite what “sources” and “tipsters” have told us over time, Mark Zuckerberg has always been very clear on Facebook’s mobile plans. In a nutshell, “Zuck” thinks that FB’s “future is mobile,” but there’s no point in his company getting too directly involved in hardware manufacturing.

Still, that’s never been enough for those of us that know words mean very little in this business, so we’ve always figured there was something about the Facebook Phone rumors. But even the most stubborn have to accept they can be wrong sometimes and this might well be one of those cases.

Zuckerberg has again come forward about the biggest social network’s future and has again crushed hope by saying “we’re not going to build a phone”. He didn’t add any adverb, but we think the “ever” was implied.

Sure, forever is a long time in technology, but it’s probably safe to assume that at least for one or two more years we’re not going to welcome a new major player in the smartphone producing industry.

As for better integrating Facebook into mobile devices, Zuckerberg has stated the plan is “rather than just building an app that’s a version of the functionality that you have today, (…) making it so that we can just go deeper and deeper”. Sounds ambiguous, but it’s probably not out of the question to see FB tweaking mobile operating systems in the future.

Via [Cnet]

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