iSkin Has BB Z10 & Q10 Cases in Works

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Although it will be a month or so until us American get our BackBerry Z10 phones, popular gadget protective-case company iSkin says not to worry — as they’ll have us ‘covered’ when the time comes.

The company plans to release a new line of their Vibes, form-fitted cases for both the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10, sometime in February. Retail price for each will be around $39.99 and they’ll feature iSkin‘s sleek polycarbonate frame with aluminum accents. The case will also be packaged with a protective screen film. The full list of color options are unreleased as of yet but we know they will be available in black.

“Those who plan on getting their hands on the exciting new BlackBerry Z10 device should also plan on keeping it safe. iSkin is committed to delivering quality products that are fashionable, affordable and, most importantly, protects your beloved BlackBerry,” says Andrew Ackloo, CEO of iSkin.

The company’s reputation speaks for itself. Since 2002, they’ve been innovating and helping to lead the protective case industry. Their other products have made them definitely a name to trust and we’re sure that their contribution to the new line of BlackBerry devices will only further that sentiment.

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