Starfish Technologies to Release Interactive Smartwatch

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Getstarfish smartwatch

Starfish Technologies will be releasing the world’s first truly interactive iPhone and Android compatible smartwatch at Macworld 2013. The Starfish smartwatch is the result of a revolutionary patent pending technology that enables it to communicate with your iPhone, iPad, or Android, and it provides interactive features until now unavailable in any other smartwatch.

Key features include a color screen that’s easy to read day or night, a long battery life that lasts more than 24 hours during active use, and water resistance.Getstarfish smartwatch

There aren’t a lot of details out yet, but we can hope to learn more soon. So far it appears that the Starfish smartwatch provides alerts directly from your smartphone for calls, texts, messages, reminders, news, weather and more. It can also mirror your device’s GPS and sensor information to track speed, direction, and distance, which is great for people cyclists and people working out. It seems the Starfish smartwatch is likely to work with fitness tracker apps too.

You’ll also be able to control your music from your library as well as talk into the phone through the smartwatch’s integrated microphone and speaker. The best part is that this smartwatch requires no programming or configuration in order to use it. Starfish Technologies is finalizing their product right now and waiting for the first prototypes to ship from manufacturing.

If you’re interested in more information or would like to provide them with ideas for compatible apps, band colors, or watch materials, then visit their page on Facebook and join the discussion. You can also sign up on their website,, to find out when the product officially launches. They say new images of the smartwatch will be posted soon.



Source [einpresswire]

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