Netflix Debuts Full Season of House of Cards and it’s Good

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Today, Netflix started streaming the first 13 episodes of its newest original series House of Cards. House of Cards joins Lilyhammer as one of Netflix’s first exclusive series that can’t be found anywhere else. It stars Kevin Spacey as a Congressman named Francis Underwood. As a seasoned politician, Underwood uses every dirty trick at his disposal to further his career. The first episode entitled “Chapter 1″ does a fantastic job of setting Underwood up as a calm yet absolutely intimidating character who can do more damage playing mind games than what a typical bad guy can do with a physical weapon.

Each episode of House of Cards lasts between 48-53 minutes. You can actually check out the first episode for free on the Netflix website if you’re not a subscriber. If this show fascinates you like it did me, it’ll cost you $7.99 a month to watch the remaining episodes as well as the entire library of Netflix streaming content.

House of Cards is the kind of show that gets your attention before you even see a title sequence. From the very first scene, the show makes it clear what kind of person Kevin Spacey’s character is. We get to see from the creator’s eyes how shady politics in Washington D.C. is and how the thirst of professional progression is enough to drive anyone off the moral cliff.

You should really watch the first episode. Within the first five minutes, everything I wrote here will become clear.

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