TabletTail Monkey Kit Will Hold Your Tablet Steady Anywhere

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Tablet Tail Monkey Kit

What’s one of the most awesome aspects of tablets? Portability. What’s less awesome? Having to constantly hold the tablet in your hands when you want to kick back in your favorite comfortable spot to enjoy some media.

There are a lot of tablet stands available, but they’re mostly useful for flat surfaces and doesn’t help in a bed, a car, or outside in a hammock. Solution? TabletTail Monkey Kit. Octa, who showcased the TabletTail Whale Kit at CES 2012, is now ready to bring the Monkey Kit to consumers worldwide. The Monkey Kit is designed for hands-free enjoyment with iPads and tablets.Tablet Tail Monkey Kit

The Monkey Kit is a flexible tablet positioning system, an evolution of the tablet stand. You can enjoy your tablet anywhere – completely hands free – since it can wrap, curl, and tuck itself into any position you need. The kit comes in two pieces: the MonkeyTail and Vacuum Dock. The sturdy flexible MonkeyTail is wrapped in soft grippy silicon and can be manipulated to adapt to an infinite number of heights, angles, positions, and situations.

The Vacuum Dock consists of a palm-sized, reliable vacuum-pump system that attaches to the back of your digital device. A quick twist and five pumps is all it takes for an incredibly strong and durable connection. Attempting to force the dock off by pulling feels like  you’ll rip the back panel off your device instead. The base is easy to remove with a tug of a tab to release the suction, with no damage whatsoever.

The TabletTail Monkey Kit is currently being funded on kickstarter. Octa plans to start shipping orders by April 2013. The MSRP for a TabletTail Monkey Kit will be $99.99.

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