ZoomKee Aims to Make Touchscreen Typing Easier

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A new startup has launched a new way to type on smartphones. Named ZoomKee, this patent-pending technology automatically magnifies the keyboard when the user is typing, making it easier to read and edit. With all of the software available to predict words when typing, ZoomKee aims to put the user back in control.

Many keyboards, especially on smaller-screen devices, are limited and pose a challenge. The ZoomKee keyboard has the traditional QWERTY layout with a zoom feature that provides essential control over typed characters. It helps to facilitate cursor repositioning and eliminate backspace and retyping. The ZoomKee prediction engine updates suggestions based on user editing actions, making it easier to fix typos.ZoomKee

The ZoomKee keyboard features multiple zoom styles. Users can choose from:

– Stretch – Stretch the keyboard in the horizontal direction for narrow screens.

– Magnify – Magnify the keyboard in both directions for small screens.

– Fisheye – Larger keys around typed character with all keys in view.

– Static – Suitable for editing words on wide screen devices.

When you’re typing a message and notice a word that needs correcting, just movie the cursor to the word and press the magnify key. The word itself will be highlighted and made larger so it’s easier to make changes. The keyboard itself will present itself in whatever zoom style you chose. You can quickly move the cursor through the word and letter presses on the keyboard replace the typo. ZoomKee also provides suggested words and learns from your typing habits.

The ZoomKee keyboard combines a simple no clutter layout with an array of colorful skin options designed to make the user experience more delightful. Version 1.0 of the ZoomKee keyboard application that supports the English language is now available on Google’s Play store. Users can download a free limited time trial on android smartphones (over 1500 different Android devices are supported).



Source [einpresswire]

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