Deal alert: Amazon Wireless Sells The On-Contract HTC One X+ For Just $80

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It’s not easy to shop for a high-end smartphone these days. Everybody wants the best, but is there really a way to decide if Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is better than the iPhone 5 or if the HTC One X+ can undercut both?

Obviously, the three are not identical, but they do all come with state of the art hardware and very smooth software. So how do you decide? Well, you can simply go for the cheapest of the bunch. Which, right now, is probably the One X+.

The 4.7-incher has had its price slashed over on Amazon Wireless, where it currently goes for just $79.99. That’s of course with a new two-year contract on AT&T, but it’s still just a few nickels and pennies for an outstanding piece of mobile technology.

The offer is only valid for new AT&T customers, while people looking to upgrade or add a line will have to cough up $139.99. Which is still 60 bucks less than what the carrier charges through its official website. And it’s not even Christmas…

Via [Amazon Wireless]

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