Use VineGifR to Turn Your Vine Vids into GIFs

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As everyone is busy creating 6-second Vine videos, some others are sifting through ashes of everyone’s former favorite web-based short clip, animated gifs. Understood in the computer world with the filename “.gif,” these stop-motion videos are chopped up video phrases, perfect for one-liners, quick shots of cute cats, people taking spills and other popular internet memes.

Some software developers from Github have refused to give up on the short video format. And luckily, they have created a way for the two mini-movie files to peacefully share the web; most importantly, how to convert one file type to the other.

Available to the public as a free download on Github, appropriately titled Mac application VineGifR will simply and easily allow Vine users to change their Vine-shots to animated .gifs. The result is slightly choppy with dropped still-frames all throughout, as you’re quickly reminded of Vine’s desirable video quality in comparison.

(Keep in mind that Vine videos are .mp4 files, a much larger and robust type, bearing audio as well as more fluid video. So when you make the conversion, along with some video quality, audio too will be lost in translation.)

Try it for yourself, downloadable via Github user and creator estenh. We’d love to hear any issues or concerns with the conversion.

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