Total BooX Will Offer Pay-As-You-Read E-Books

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Typically, e-books are sold in a similar fashion of how physical books are sold: you buy the complete publication up front. Instead of carrying the book out of the store, you click ‘download’ and wait a few moments for your device to acquire the full text, then as an excited reader, you dive in head-first.

But since we’ve all started books and left them unfinished for a slew of reasons — what if you could pay for only the portion of a book that you’ve read?

Tel Aviv startup Total BooX has a business model that entails just that. By allowing users to download from their thousands of available e-books, then tracking the reader’s progress, the company will charge only the percentage of the price that reflects what the reader consumed. Therefore, when you’re buying e-books, you won’t have to feel like you’re gambling any longer.

So read the first 25 pages in that 200 page book before you decide it’s not for you; you’ll only be charged an eighth of the book price.

Their ‘read first — pay later’ approach encourages readers to explore titles that they otherwise would not. That’s a win for writers and publishers also. This service could only make sense in digital media and rolling out in ‘early 2013,’ this could really catch on.

Next time you’re deciding upon a new book to read, Total BooX says ‘go ahead’ and judge it by it’s cover. For the price you’d pay to check it out, isn’t it worth it?

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