Tethercell: Control AA Battery Devices with Tablet or Smartphone

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Tethercell is a new piece of technology currently being funded on Indiegogo. This interesting little device is the size of a standard AA battery and packs some cutting-edge electronics. It’s meant to replace a AA battery in any device that uses AA batteries.

Powered by a standard AAA battery, the Tethercell has an on-board Bluetooth radio which lets it communicate with your iOs or Android device via the free Tethercell app. The Tethercell itself has low-power consumption and can run approximately 6 to 12 weeks on a single AAA battery. Only one Tethercell is needed per device, yet all Tethercells in range can be controlled through the app.Tethercell

So what is Tethercell good for? You can turn AA-powered devices on and off remotely, be alerted when battery power is low, and set device schedules and timers. The idea of being able to remotely shut off a noisy child toy likely comes to a parent’s mind first, but it can be handy for lights, games, or monitoring devices.

You can have battery-powered backyard lights turned off without having to step outside. It can also be handy while camping, where a press of the button in your phone’s app can illuminate your campsite at night. Using a Tethercell as a timer helps energy efficiency, where it can shut off night-lights or nursery music players after a scheduled time.

The designers of the Tethercell have had much success with functional prototypes. They’re looking to fund their project to launch and have user feedback help evolve and grow Tethercell.



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