Vodafone UK Prepping the Launch of Five New Windows Phone 8 Devices

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UK’s number three mobile carrier, Vodafone, hasn’t exactly jumped the gun with Windows Phone 8 launches, but, as we’ve known for a while, several such gadgets were bound to be released sooner or later.

And now the waiting is nearing an end, with only hours left to go until the official launches of the first WP8 phones on Vodafone. No less than five Microsoft-powered handhelds will hit the ground running Wednesday, February 6th, although for some reason pricing details are still kept secret.

Nokia’s 4.5-inch Lumia 920 is leading the pack hardware-wise and it will probably do the same when it comes to pricing. HTC’s 4.3-inch Windows Phone 8X is also expected to go on a premium, while budget-oriented folks should be more interested in the Windows Phone 8S from HTC and the Lumia 820 from Nokia.

The underwhelming 3.8-inch Nokia Lumia 620 has the honor to wrap up the WP8 formation, leaving British tech aficionados pining for Samsung’s ATIV S. At least for the moment, because we don’t know what the future holds for Vodafone customers.

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