Crazy Rumor Alert: Apple iPad Mini 2 Coming with 324 PPI Retina Display

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Although the first-generation Apple iPad mini is only three-months old, a follow-up shouldn’t be expected until next fall, but the iPad mini 2 rumor mill is already at full throttle. One of the main focus points is obviously the upgrading of the 7.9-inch display, with it’s lackluster 1,024 x 768 pixels resolution is considered the tab’s Achilles’ heel by most.

We already heard Apple is planning to pack the second-gen Mini with a “Retina” display, but that doesn’t really answer the question of the exact resolution. But here’s a bonkers story for you, based on “sources with Taiwan-based Apple suppliers” – the 7.9-inch panel of the iPad mini 2 will boast a 2,048 x 1,536 pixels resolution.

That’s the same res of the current 9.7-inch iPad, but as the Mini will sport a smaller display, the resulting pixel density would be greater – 324 ppi vs. “just” 264. But is that even possible? Can Apple cram so many pixels in what’s ultimately a pretty limited space? Our rational side would say not a chance in hell. As for our dreamer Santa Claus-believing side, it goes without saying that we’re rooting for it to be true.

Do you or don’t you believe in Santa and a 324 ppi iPad mini?

Via [Apple Insider]

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