Futuristic Touchless Mouse Device for iPhone, Mauz Wins iWorld Best of Show

Sections: Apple, Smartphones

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Mauz, an “Appcessory” from Spicebox LLC which adds motion and visual gesture control to iPhone so you can turn it into a wireless optical mouse won the “2013 Best of Show” award at the Macworld/iWorld expo last Friday, February 1st.

It’s easy to see why: just snap Mauz into your iPhone and you’ll have a wireless mouse that brings powerful gesture controls to all the computers at your disposal.  The sensor picks up on a variety of hand movements which can be turned into short keys for a variety of functions in any program you use.

Media players, Skype, Photoshop, and even games can be interfaced with Mauz.  The power is literally at your fingertips; you don’t even have to touch the thing.

The Kickstarter campaign will be going on til March 8th with the company hoping to mass produce by June 2013.  Get your own Mauz as a reward on Kickstarter by backing just $59.

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