Apps Now Available to Help You Through Divorce, Allergy Season

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Another allergy season is upon us, and WebMD has a clever little app to help sufferers of the dreaded hay fever.

From the PR:

The WebMD Allergy app provides easy access to physician-reviewed info, with unique features including:

  • Combining allergy and weather forecasts. Integrating weather information from AccuWeather makes tracking pollen counts in advance a snap.
  • Scheduling allergen alerts. Push notifications on high allergen levels in your area, delivered to your iPhone’s home screen in the mornings, to better prepare you for the day.
  • Information on seven allergy categories. WebMD Allergy provides information on outdoor, indoor, skin, drug, food, insect bites or stings, and latex allergies.
  • Creating multiple user profiles for the entire family. Tracking different allergies and multiple locations for each family member all in one easy place.

WebMD Allergy is available for free in the Apple App Store or at Detailed information on the app is available at

I doubt this will be much help for peanut allergies, but allergen notifications and pollen count tracking look like useful features.

In other niche wellness apps news, celebrity psychologist Dr. Gardere has put out the Healthy Divorce app which, according to the PR,


integrates a variety of media — text, audio, and video — created by Dr. Jeff to guide users through the divorce process. Dr. Jeff will write weekly essays to share his perspective on a variety of divorce-related topics. It also allows users to submit questions anonymously to Dr. Jeff, who will answer one inquiry daily and make both the question and his answer available to all the app’s users.

I wrote before to be wary of self-diagnosis with apps, but these promo items seem benign in comparison.  Still, always consult a health care professional before your smart phone for serious medical/psychological evaluation.

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