Design Your Own 3D Printed iPhone Case with Kees

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Dutch company Kees (meaning ‘case’) is offering 3D-printed iPhone cases of your own design. Although they aren’t offering total customization, their broad array of options are sure to fit anyone’s personal aesthetic.

Choose your style bumper, then a background style. These cases provide two layers of material for maximum sturdiness and extra protection. After, select an image from their collection ranging from occult images (as you can see on my sample) to simple, cutesier options.

Finally choose your color from black, white, red and blue, throw some words on the side and voila — your one-of-a-kind iPhone case is on it’s way to the 3D print shop.

Now offering free worldwide shipping, your own Kees case will still set you back $50 but to be the first of your friends with a 3D-printed anything is worth it’s weight in nylon. Check out for more information.

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  • VIP Cases

    These look great. You can now actually get these for your home if you are willing to part with around £1,500. They cost about 80p in material for each case.

    • Matthew Marchesano

      That’s pocket change.. Let me just dig out my spare coins and order a few. One for the office, the bedroom and the bathroom!