Redbox Instant is Coming to Xbox 360

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Redbox Instant, the at-home movie-streaming counterpart to their DVD vending machines found in shopping centers across the country, is officially coming to an Xbox 360 near you. Partnering with Verizon, the service will offer package deals for viewers to access streaming movies and also rent physical copies for pick-up/returning to their neighborhood Redbox kiosks.

The subscription packages are as followed: $8 per month will get you unlimited movie steaming and four one-night credits for renting regular DVDs from a Redbox kiosk, while $9 per month buys you the same but with Blu-ray disks. It’ll be $6 a month for just the streaming service.

A release date is so far unannounced but “coming to Xbox 360 in the very near future.” You can sign up to try the beta version at the Redbox Instant website.

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