Lulu, a Girls-Only Dating Guide App, Hits US Colleges

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No, it isn’t an app for the Lou Reed/Metallica collaboration.  Something much worse is creeping into our college campuses.

Sending a shudder down the spine of every sad sack bachelor, Lulu is an app made specifically “for women by women” to rate and review men privately.  Users can rate dudes from 1-10 on such categories as hotness, ambition, humor, etc. and mark each guy with hash tags such as #big.feet, #opens.doors or #gonebymorning.  You can review anonymously or you can openly suggest guys to your girl friends.  From the PR:

FSU Senior and America’s Next Model College Edition contestant Allyssa Vuelma says, “Lulu is exactly what we need. Every sorority girl at FSU is on Lulu and everyone is talking about it! Girls spend tons of time discussing their relationships and crushes and the Lulu app captures it perfectly. It’s funny and also rewards gentlemanly behavior. The best part is that Lulu is private and secure.”
PR Newswire (

I downloaded the app for a laugh but was unable to access this mysterious world due to the Facebook login restrictions (no boys allowed, doh).  Instead I was redirected to Lulu Dude, where I could see a general overview of my standing, as well contribute some pictures and my turn-ons/turn-offs.  There’s also a stud-o-meter which rates you based on how many girls checked you out.  Mine went all the way to smoking hot, so it looks like they have some bugs to flesh out.

I have to admit, the idea of a hidden reputation system for guys set beyond their access freaks me out quite a bit.  Theoretically all sorts of nasty rumors could be spread anonymously by vindictive exes, but Lulu’s creators say the app isn’t a place to trash talk. Fair enough?

I’ll give it one thing:  I couldn’t see this system working at all for guys rating girls, as it’d turn into a misogynist cesspool of shallow and dubious observations faster than you can say “revenge porn.”

Lulu is available for both Android and iPhone.

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  • Tony Phillips

    We have an app distributed through Google and Apple that violates its own terms and conditions and sucks up and stores data about guys without their permission for long-term storage. It probably breaks privacy rules, discrimination laws, and accepted social contracts. It then guides their female-only user base through brutally honest evaluations that are public in one sense (other women, like the guy’s boss, coworkers, mother, crazy ex’s), but inaccessible to the victim person they are targeting discussing. Their founder is misinformed about its functionality and brags about how it affects the egos of underage users.

  • Alex Roe

    Check out, we’re launching the guys version of LULU. Time to even the game.