Survey on Piracy

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Techdirt had an interesting report on movie and TV piracy today. I thought it was interesting that while price was an important piece, access and portability rated as high or higher.

This quote was particularly relevant:

“While price was one of the top three reasons, this hardly paints a picture of penny-pinching freeloaders—rather, it shows emerging trends in media consumption that distributors and rightsholders simply can’t keep ignoring. Absolutely none of these responses are surprising, because they are exactly the way people have been interacting with the majority of content online for years now. They share, they use multiple devices, they expect comprehensive access and a choice of sources, they want access as soon as possible, and they are put off by obtrusive advertising.”

Speaking of advertising, it hasn’t really become an issue in the e-book market, at least not yet, but I suspect its something we’re going to see more of in the future. Ads on Kindles seem to be okay, but I’m waiting for someone to try ads within a book. And I suspect that will blow up big time.

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