BlackBerry Q10 US Release To Not Happen Until May?

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Even if a lot of folks, regular technology fans and “experts” alike, predicted RIM BlackBerry’s demise to be completed already, BB is still alive and kicking. The Z10 and Q10 don’t exactly look like game-changers, but they could keep the Canadian-based company afloat for at least one more year.

But for that to happen, BlackBerry has to respect a very simple set of commandments. Which starts with “thou shalt not delay launches to the point of people forgetting all about your devices.”

Unfortunately, that might well be the case with Q10’s release, initially planned for March, but that now has every chance of being postponed until May. That’s based on statements made by Thorsten Heins, BB’s CEO, who has apparently said the Q10 will only land in the US “eight to ten weeks” after the BlackBerry Z10.

Now that’s disappointing. And to think we were actually excited to see the physical keyboard/touchscreen-toting gadget land on all four US major carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile) next month. Is anyone willing to wait for the Q10 for so long? Anyone at all?

Via [Gottabemobile]

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