USPS Plans to Eliminate Most Saturday Mail Deliveries

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In an effort to save money, the United States Postal Service plans to cut some forms of Saturday mail delivery beginning in August. The Associated Press reports USPS stands to save around $2 billion a year if and when the change occurs. The “if” factor refers to the USPS decision to bypass the approval of the United States Congress. If the postal service has its way, no normal mail will be delivered on Saturdays. However, packages and P.O. Box deliveries will continue uninterrupted. Post offices that are currently open on Saturday will also remain open after the change occurs.

The United States Post Office has found itself in a massive amount of debt. The organization is operating at a loss of more than $15 billion as of the end of 2012. In an effort to cut its deficit, the Postal Service has resorted to closing processing centers, shutting down local post offices in rural areas and eliminating thousands of jobs.

In March, the Postal Service plans to reveal its five-year financial plan that it hopes will be its guide to break even. That plan will almost certainly include more budget cuts and job losses.

USPS must come up with a way to return to profitability without relying on old strategies. People just don’t send as much mail as they used to thanks to the internet. USPS also lags behind the likes of UPS and FedEx as far as speed, customer service and tracking is concerned. It must invest in a modern mail delivery service that no other organization currently does on a massive scale. I’m talking about same-day delivery.

In October of 2012, USPS announced Metro Post, an experimental service that works with retailers to deliver packages to customers on the same day the items were ordered. Though very limited in testing, Metro Post is exactly what USPS needs. The alternative is to sit on its hands and go out of business.

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