Gresso Unveils New Cruiser Titanium Line of Luxury Phones, Starting at $1,800

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Who here has a couple thousands of clams to spare and for some reason doesn’t dig the Android-based Vertu Ti “luxury” phone? Well, Arabian sheikhs are not exactly our target audience, so I’m not really expecting a lot of ‘I’s’.

But just for kicks let’s assume the Tooth Fairy visited you last night, and, instead of dropping the usual nickel or dime under your pillow, forgot her entire sack of money. That would actually be the only scenario in which I would advise a half-sane person to go for one of the luxury phones introduced today, but that’s beside the point.

So, you got the dough and want the most outrageously looking handheld with the least impressive spec sheet in the world? Well, you have three choices, all coming from Gresso. These are the Cruiser Titanium, Titanium Black and Titanium Solid.

The three phones are, you guessed it, encased in titanium, a material used in the aerospace business. Hence, you can imagine they can take their fair share of abuse, but that’s the only thing that’s good about them.

The prices are scandalous (ranging from $1,800 to $2,500), while the specs are downright pitiful. You get Symbian S40 as your on-board OS, 30 MB of on-board storage (no, really), 2 MP cameras and 860 mAh batteries. But hey, they’re each engraved with unique numbers on one of the sides, so that’s something you can brag about on Facebook, right?

Via [Phone Arena]

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