Introducing the AutoMee-S, the Roomba for your Smartphone

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Another unheard-of level of “are you kidding me?” gratuitousness has been reached in world of gadgetry:  Japanese company Takara Tomy are now making what is essentially a Roomba that cleans your touch screen devices.

The AutoMee-S is a tiny robot you can plop onto your iPad, Android tablet, or smartphone and watch glide around the screen, picking up dust and grease from a “special cleaning paper.”

According to The Verge, Takara Tomy is declining responsibility for any damage their device or software causes. It’ll run on two AA batteries and will cost ¥1,575, or about $16.80 once it’s available for sale in Japan next month.

In all honesty though, a smaller-than-a-Roomba surface-cleaning robot wouldn’t be such a bad idea. You know, like a robot that cleans your stove top, kitchen counters, desks and so forth. At least it wouldn’t garner such mockery. This little guy, though… I can’t see him replacing the pant leg of my jeans as my go-to smartphone cleaner anytime soon.

via [Mashable]

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