Intimacy 2.0, a Smart Dress that Turns Clear When You’re Aroused

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Somebody call the futurist fashion police! Dutch designer Studio Roosegaarde has unveiled (ha!) the Intimacy 2.0, a dress that turns clear when the wearer is hot and bothered. Mee-oww.

The dress is made of smart e-foils, which use wireless technology, LED lights and other materials to respond to bodily cues. When the heart races and body heat rises, signifying arousal, the foils respond accordingly/sexily.

From Mashable:

Although the concept isn’t entirely new — the company has been working on prototypes since 2010 — its new 2.0 line has been making its rounds online in advance of Valentine’s Day. The dresses are currently on display privately in Hong Kong and Paris and will be shown at Kent State University in Ohio in September.Will you be able to get your hands on a dress like this in the future? “The next line will be available for a wider audience,” a spokesperson told Mashable.

Studio Roosegaarde also has other high-tech garments in mind: “We’re currently working on a suit for men which becomes transparent when they lie.”

A suit that turns clear when men lie, huh?  Honey, better off just handing out a bunch of clear suits.  Am I right, ladies?  (Cue canned laughter as my bow-tie spins).

via [Mashable]

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